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We believe in establishing the personal connection with our customers. It gives us the ability to add value to a project or assignment, even if it means we operate in an unconventional way.

Who we are

ATPC was established by qualified professionals from within the finance and corporate advisory sectors. We are a Malta-based firm that provides versatile Enterprise Solutions and Business Consultancy services.


Why Malta.

Malta is known for its well-developed sectors in finance, gaming, IT and yachting. It is also:

  • A former British colony and an EU Member since 2004
  • A Monetary Union member (official currency is Euro)
  • An English speaking country
  • A perfect infrastructure for business

In the past 10 years, Malta has established itself as a reliable business centre in Europe. Since 2004, its tax regime has fully complied with the EU directive.

Advantageous taxation:

Territorial taxation from 5% to 35% depending on the scheme chosen (PEX or non-PEX)

Taxation for income generated outside Malta up to €35,000 ZERO TAX, if above €35,000 year flat tax of €5,000.


Why italy

Italy is well-known for its historical culture, large car manufacturers and its divine cuisine. It is a highly developed country which has a good financial infrastructure.

  • It is one of the founders of the European Union (EU)
  • Official currency: Euro

Over the years, Italy has steadily moved towards a greater stability and competitiveness at a global level.  Over the past 5 years, Italy has gained 30 positions in the global ranking in general.


Why Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is known for its operational services and specialised workmanship
Favourable currency exchange rates with their own their own currency- Lev.

It has excellent bank facilities that follow a very simple and effective legislation
Property prices are still very attractive.

Advantageous taxation:
Single corporate taxation 10%
Single personal taxation on dividends 5%.

  • Ease of moving tax residence
  • Efficient services
  • Excellent reputation


Why Hong kong

Hong Kong is a former British colony. It became part of the People’s Republic of China in 1997 as an autonomous territory. Moreover:

  • Its currency is the Hong Kong dollar (HK$)
  • Hong Kong is characterised for its low taxation, free trade and minimum government intervention
  • Chinese and English are the languages most spoken

Hong Kong has demonstrated a high degree of economic resilience and is one of the world’s most competitive financial/business hubs.

Business administration is the management of the business and financial activities of an organisation.

It includes planning, organising, directing and controlling the company’s human, financial and material resources to achieve its objectives.

Business management is a crucial activity for a company’s success and requires a range of skills and abilities. To ensure effective management, the following points must be considered:

– It is important to define the company’s objectives clearly and specifically. This will help to establish the strategies, policies and procedures that must be followed to achieve these objectives.

– Planning is a crucial business management activity and requires identifying the actions that will need to be taken, the resources needed to carry them out and the timeframe for completing them.

– Organisation is another important activity and requires defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member. In this way, each person will know exactly what is expected of him/her and will be able to work more effectively.

– Leadership is a crucial phase of business management and requires motivating and guiding team members towards set goals. This requires communicating clearly and directly, providing regular feedback and creating a positive and productive working environment.

– Finally, controlling is another crucial activity of business management and requires constantly monitoring the results achieved against the set goals. In this way, any changes or corrections can be made to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Business internationalisation and asset protection consulting is a service offered by specialised professionals who help companies expand internationally and protect their assets.

Business internationalisation and asset protection consulting is an extremely useful service for companies wishing to expand globally in an effective and secure manner. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained through this service:

International expansion: professionals specialised in this area can help companies identify new foreign markets and develop winning strategies to penetrate them.

Asset protection: the protection of company assets is a crucial aspect of ensuring the continuity and stability of the company. Consultants can help companies identify risks and implement the necessary protection measures.

Cost reduction: business internationalisation and asset protection consultancy can help companies reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency through the adoption of innovative practices and the use of advanced technological tools.

Reputation enhancement: companies that turn to specialised internationalisation and asset protection professionals can enjoy an enhanced reputation in the market, thanks to their ability to tackle complex challenges in a professional and effective manner.

This advice can include risk assessment, international tax planning, intellectual property protection, international contract management and international regulatory compliance. Through consulting, companies can mitigate risks and maximise growth opportunities globally.

International consulting can be a very beneficial option for companies seeking to expand into new markets. Here are some key points to consider:

Risk assessment is an important part of international consulting. This can include assessing the political, economic, legal and reputational risks in each country where the company intends to do business. This helps the company to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

International tax planning is another important area of international consulting. This can include assessing the tax laws in each country where the company intends to do business and planning business activities so as to maximise tax benefits.

Intellectual property protection is another critical area of international consulting. This may include registering trademarks, patents and copyrights in each country where the company intends to do business, as well as managing intellectual property conflicts.

International contract management is another important area of international consulting. This may include assessing the contract laws in each country where the company intends to do business and negotiating contracts that protect the company’s interests.

Finally, compliance with international regulations is another critical area of international consulting. This can include compliance with international trade laws, compliance with environmental regulations and compliance with data privacy regulations.

In summary, international consulting can be a very beneficial option for companies seeking to expand globally. By consulting, companies can mitigate risks and maximise growth opportunities globally

Business planning consulting is a professional service that helps companies develop and implement effective strategic plans.

We help you identify market opportunities, analyse the competition, define business objectives and create a detailed action plan. This process can help companies achieve their financial goals, improve their operational effectiveness and increase their competitiveness.

If you are looking to improve your business, consider hiring a business planning consultant to help you develop a sound and strategic plan.

We can offer companies a wide range of services that can help them successfully establish themselves in a new foreign market. Here are some of the services that can help companies expand internationally:

Market analysis: we can conduct in-depth market research to help the company better understand the foreign market it wants to enter. This can include assessing market opportunities, analysing competitors and identifying factors that influence the company’s success.

Developing a market entry strategy: we can help the company develop a targeted market entry strategy based on its business objectives. This may include defining a marketing plan, selecting appropriate distribution channels and defining product positioning.

Assistance in managing the international expansion project: we can provide assistance in managing the international expansion project, helping the company to manage marketing activities, relations with local partners and logistics.

In short, we offer companies the experience and expertise they need to successfully expand internationally.

In addition, we can assist you in creating a detailed action plan for foreign market penetration, taking into account the cultural, legal and regulatory aspects of the target country.

Other advantages can be found in the possibility of acquiring new skills and industry knowledge, improving operational efficiency and increasing the company’s competitiveness.

In particular, the acquisition of new skills and industry knowledge can lead to several opportunities for the company, including:

The implementation of new technologies and working methodologies, which can improve the quality of the products or services offered and increase customer satisfaction.

The discovery of new markets or market segments, which can lead to increased sales and market share for the company.

The ability to provide innovative solutions to customer problems, which can increase the company’s reputation and the retention of existing customers.

The possibility of attracting new talent and retaining existing ones by providing opportunities for professional development and growth within the company.

In addition, improving operational efficiency can lead to a number of benefits, such as reducing costs, decreasing production time and minimising errors. This can result in increased productivity and profitability of the company.

Finally, increasing the company’s competitiveness can be a significant advantage in today’s market, where competition is increasingly fierce. This can be achieved through innovation, the quality of the products or services offered, differentiation from the competition and customer focus.

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