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Malta is known for its well-developed sectors in finance, gaming, IT and yachting. It also is:


  • A former British colony and an EU Member since 2004
  • A Monetary Union member (official currency is Euro)
  • An English speaking country
  • A perfect infrastructure for business

In the past 10 years, Malta has established itself as a reliable business centre in Europe. Since 2004, its tax regime has fully complied with the EU directive.


ATPC was established by qualified professionals from within the finance and corporate advisory sectors. We are a Malta-based firm that provides versatile Enterprise Solutions and Business Consultancy services.

We believe in establishing the personal connection with our customers. It gives us the ability to add value to a project or assignment, even if it means we operate in an unconventional way.

what we offer?

Our services include:

  • – Advice on business planning
  • – Consultancy for your company or branch in Italy, Malta,     the UK, Hong Kong with our partners.
  • – Providing assistance in your business administration

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